Wood Roof, Replace Wood Shingle Roofs

Wood roofing, there are two main options: shingles and shakes. Wood roofing is available in many different designs to provide a unique appearance to your home.


Wood Roofing Materials

Shingle and shake roofs are made from a variety of materials including chestnut, hemlock, white pine, cypress, red cedar, white cedar and yellow cedar. The most widely used type of wood for roofing is red cedar. Cypress and white cedar roofing hold up better and last longer, however they are not as commonly used. Wood roofing is typically thick and allows air to circulate easily. Professional roofers often use a coating behind the roof to promote this circulation. This is helpful for preventing excessive moisture build up, which can cause damage to a wood roof. And the roof deck beneath a wood roof is typically not a solid platform, but rather "skip sheathing" to allow for air circulation so the wood roofing can dry from both sides

Wood Roofing Maintenance

Wood roofing requires regular maintenance. In areas where the climate is humid, fungus and mildew can grow, causing damage to your roof. Over time, this damage will reduce the lifespan of your wood roof. Fungicides can be applied regularly to help with this problem. And some wood shingles and shakes may be pretreated to help prevent the growth of fungus and lichens. Having a professional cleaning a couple times a year will allow you to maximize your roof’s longevity.

Roofing Contractor in Massachusetts

Also, if you live in a fire prone area, ask your roofing professional about fire proofing. This involves pressure washing the entire wood roof, and applying a fire retardant treatment. This will give you added protection against fires. In some areas, wood roofs are not allowed, even if they are treated with a fire retardant, so it is important to check for any municipal or homeowners association restrictions.